Enjoy Vietnam: Cycling Cambodia and Kayaking Is The Best Way

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The aim of Countryside Adventures is to startle vacationers with something surprising and exciting. With them, travelers belonging to varying parts of the world discover Vietnam in a newer fashion. Countryside Adventures, thinks differently, unlike many other traveling agencies they do not plan holidays in one of the traditional manners but Countryside Adventures plan to offer the trip of lifetime involving adventure.

Concept of tours and traveling has been changing rapidly and people around the world want something more and different from their tourism. For few enthusiastic travelers, traveling is not about searching a destination, booking the tickets or lodging in good hotels, but traveling is about knowing the unknown, discovering thrill and excitement of the place. Countryside Adventures exactly tries to offer something different something more than usual sightseeing, visiting recognized places.

Travelers are seeking to experience life in a different way. Biking Vietnam unfolds Vietnam with all its excitements, peculiarities and pleasantries. Tourist who don’t want the usual bus ride or cab drive to reach destination thus skipping the real essence of the place, they can go for cycling tour. While cycling they would be able to discover the local life, the fisherman and the countryside, cottage industries and rural celebration. Its like viewing the actual Vietnam, the road is smooth, there is nothing to worry as the guides are always present to help travelers. You will be loving the floating market also the local lifestyle, now that is the best thing about Countryside Adventures, they will be taking you close to local life. Cycling Cambodia is full of fun and bliss, the cute boat ride and the home stay experience will be offering genuine fun and jollity. If you want to be active and want to feel the actual Vietnam essence then Kayaking and biking are just two wonderful sports to discover the beautiful area. Cycling will help you have some chitchat with the locals, to see and experience their lifestyle, to understand what they enjoy and suffer.

Those who have not experienced kayaking yet, would certainly appreciate Vietnam kayaking tours as the kayaking trip across the floating market in Mekong is certainly worth spending. Its a marvelous experience. It may not be considered as an adventure tour but its like exploring the nature with all its beauty and exquisiteness. The trip would be a trip to remember. While kayaking the local food can be tasted, certainly, the food is good, the ambiance is adorable and the price is affordable.

Going along the beaten path, Countryside Adventures would make joyous itinerary, the guides are out and out knowledgeable and super accommodating. Mekong is undoubtedly one of the beautiful place and biking and kayaking are best ways to see the place. You can either go for casual riding or go for adventure tours, where you will be completing cycling within selected days. There is easy customization option available with which preset tour can be planned.

The detailed information is furnished on the website so that initial idea can be formed, fusing cycling and kayaking, tour can be planned and its an assurance that days will be etched in memory.



Live the Hard Core Rural Life of Vietnam in the Country Side Villages with its Raw Essence

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Whenever you plan for any holiday, your limited budget has always tightened your hands and most of time you drop your plan. On the other hand if you have somehow managed your expenses, you can’t manage time to go for a holiday because of your busy scheduled lifestyle. And you end up with your same boring routine life. But practically to enjoy any special moment neither you need a huge amount of money nor a long period of time, all you need is some quality time that would bring the best emotions and feeling of your life. It sounds little weird but it is absolutely true that no material comfort or artificial luxury would get you the inner peace of your life. And to get rid of your monotonous stressful life you don’t need any expensive long holiday trip. Instead of that a clam peaceful refreshing moment in any pure natural ambiance would surely double your energy in one hand and keeps you absolutely stress free on the other hand. Here you may think that where you would get this kind of pure pollution free environment to enjoy. Now the Vietnam Bike Tours would surely take you to another world of scenic beauty of pure natural ambiance. Their well organized cycling tours in the remote areas of country side Vietnam would allow you to get the real hidden beauties of this country. Here every place is different from other and would convey its uniqueness through its enriched natural beauties and resources.

Explore the most hassle free safe and well organized cycling and kayaking trip with professional guidance:

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Now while traveling in the middle of any remote village you wouldn’t get any smooth and proper roads. So while riding any kind of bike you need to be very careful about your travel route and the quality of your bike to avoid any kind of awful situation. The same precautions should be followed while enjoying the water adventure in kayaking trip through the remote rivers of Vietnam. Now for kayaking you need not to have any prior training or experience but for cycling trip you must learn some technique to have a safe ride. You also must carry some money along with you for any emergency situation. And the professional assistance of this company would always guide you in every step of your journey. Among different types of cycling or Vietnam Kayaking Tours, the one day floating village trip is the best one to explore the real river life of those people who have survived their lives in the water. Fishing and weaving basket are the main occupation of this floating village. Once you experience the cordiality of the localities of this village then would surely visit their place all over again to enjoy their unconventional adventurous lifestyle and fresh fish.

Now this holiday, book the most exciting cycling or Halong Bay kayaking Tours to break the boredom of your life in a minimum budget.

Top 8 Cycling Trails in Southeast Asia


There is a different euphoric feeling in cycling around the breath-taking scenery, authentic local culture, lush jungles and rolling hills,Mountain biking is a favourite sport great way of Southeast Asia. The thrills of the adventure tours where you navigate some tricky loops on the most challenging trails off the beaten path is unmatched. If you are one of those Travellers who are crazy to explore the world in your bike, then have a look at the top 8 cycling trails in Southeast Asia so that you may plan your next ride soon enough.

  1. Ketam Mountain Bike Park, PulauUbin, Singapore- this bike park boasts some awesome trails that not only offer you beautiful views of wetlands and the Johor Strait, but are also listed in the three highest difficulty ratings in the IMBA’s five-point ratings system: Blue Square, Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond.
  2. DoiSuthep-Pui National Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand-these downhill biking trails offer 13 different routes and can be an easy ride experience for you. The Eagles Route is one of the popular among bikers.
  3. Maarat, San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines- biking routes in the town of San Mateo are a must addition in the list of your desired biking destinations. It is also called the mountain bike capital of the Philippines, Maaratand offers many trails that range in difficulty.
  4. Kirirom National Park, Cambodia- this is one of the popular Cambodia Cycling Tours which is famous for its single track leading up to a 700-metre hill. This park is also known as PreahSoramarith National Park, welcomes all cyclists with its cooler temperature, picturesque landscape with lush pine trees, waterfalls and scenic cliffs. The Kirirom Mountain Bike Challenge, one of the biggest Cycling Cambodia events, takes place here.
  5. Heaven’s Pass, Dalat, Vietnam- The town of Dalat is the hot spot for every biker in the world. It is located in southern Vietnam’s Central Highlands and known for its cool climate, serene lakes, rolling hills and lush pine trees. It is a compulsory itinerary in the Vietnam Bike Tours as it is one of the best cycling routes you’ll come across in Southeast Asia.
  6. Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- it is the best mountain biking spot in Kuala Lumpur with several well-maintained trails.Some interesting names of the trails here include ‘Snakes and Ladders’ and ‘Twin Peaks’ for example.
  7. The Small Chili, LuangPrabang, Laos-it is not a typical trail but it has been quite famous among the bikers. You can go for a guided bike tour through the countryside and villages. outside the town of Luang Prabang. You can avail the Mekong Cycling Tours and rides which will take you through the town next to the Mekong River, where you can experience an authentic Lao rural life amidst the rice paddy fields, green jungles and rustic villages.
  8. National Highway 1, Vietnam- the highway connecting the two main cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh is not only among the famous cycling tours Vietnam, but also a symbol of unity for the Vietnamese people. You will need about 10 days to cover the 500 miles stretch of road on your cycle. This is highly recommended as there are excellent options for stop overs during this journey.